Comprehensive cover

We have gone to great lengths to remove as many of the grey areas as possible. Our True Love Cover even includes a cover for hoses & pipes, and fixings. And there is more.

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We are very diffferent

This may surprise you, but a lot of traditional warranty companies only cover the components themselves against mechanical or electrical failure. This means that if a bolt fails and, therefore, damages a component, then your warranty won't pay out.

Remove grey areas

We don’t try to hide behind words and excuses. We have removed all the grey areas, so you know that your customer's claims are covered. We are often known to cover items even manufacturer warranties don’t cover.

Includes more parts & labour

We pride ourselves on covering more parts and labour than any other used car warranty. We aim to be the warranty company that pays out.

Instant payouts

Upon receipt of the final invoice, we will instantly pay out your claim. This helps your customers get back on the move faster than anyone else.