No more burn rates!

Love Warranty has removed the smoke & mirrors and has real time balances displayed on our platform.

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We are very diffferent

Traditional Warranty companies slow down spending on claims by drip feeding your own money into the claims fund over the duration of the agreement even after your premiums have been subjected to their administration fees. This enables Love Warranty to rapidly grow your claims fund and pay more claims.

Real-time balances

Our system is designed to look after you and your customers. Get real-time access to the latest balances, so you know exactly where you stand on claims payouts.

Full funds available

We don’t ever hold any of your funds back. The full amount of each warranty logged is added into your claims funds on day one.

Rapidly grow claims fund

Instant addition of all funds to your claims pots means you have a much healthier balance in your funds in the early days. This means you are safe in knowing you can take care of larger claims if the arise.

Pay more claims

Removing your burn rates means that you are able to pay out for your customers more often. This builds a much healthier relationship with customers.