Tailor make your products to suit your customers need!

At Love warranty we believe you understand your customers needs better than we do. Create your own suite of products and take control today.

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Tailor made cover for your business.

Redline Listed Cover protects all your vehicles major components. This cover is provided free of charge comes as standard with all vehicles sold.

Custom Prices

Build a pricing structure that cost effectively covers your vehicles for any unforseen mechanical or electrical failures.

Claim Limits

Start from £500 per claim to £25,000 per claim. Set the perfect claim limit for your customers.

Covered Items

Tailor your product to include as much or as little as you require. We will work with you to get the right balance.

Mileage Limits

Set the perameters for your products. Choose annual mileage, product mileage or custom limits for your products.

AI Pricing

Utilise the latest technology to ensure you are charging the right amount for each vehicle covered.

Rescue & Recovery

Incorporate rescue and recovery into your warranty products if required. Select pricing, distance allowance and more.